Nancy Causey, E-RYT 500

Millbrook Yoga photoNancy Causey has taught Yoga for over twenty years and co-founded the Half Moon Yoga Barn in Millbrook, New York, eighteen years ago. Nancy began practicing Yoga thirty years as a relief from her stressful life as a business owner in New York City. She has completed numerous teacher training programs including Therapeutic Yoga levels I & II, with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal, the Veterans Yoga Project training for PTSD, and both the 200 and 500 hour certifications in Embodyoga® with Patty Townsend of Yoga Center Amherst.

All of Nancy’s classes are based on the philosophy and principals of EMBODYOGA®


Embodyoga® is a radical and inclusive approach to the ancient science of Yoga. It is an evolving tapestry, woven from the deeply healing, therapeutic, and spiritual essence of Yoga, and cutting edge studies in the field of body-mind-consciousness. Embodyoga® is a whole-person experiential investigation into, and enlivening of, cellular awareness.

Developed by Patty Townsend, embodyoga® combines the deeply healing and spiritual essence of traditional yoga with the cutting edge principles of the body-mind consciousness field. Using tools of radical self-acceptance and a discriminating mind we will explore our consciousness through embodied movement, breath, and meditation.

We use asanas to develop our ability to quiet the constant chatter of our willful minds. As we focus on the flow of breath and experience the resulting sensations we ultimately benefit with acceptance. With acceptance of “what is” we don’t struggle with desire or aversion. This process is the foundation of a mindful yoga practice which is the root of change and creating a positive impact on our world.

A mindful yoga practice refers to both the development of deep awareness in one’s asana practice and the emerging awareness off the mat.

Nancy also teaches at Yoga at Space in Lakeville, CT. on Monday mornings from 10:30 – 12:00.  A class series with Nancy may be used in either location.

Testimonials for Nancy:

Nancy seems to have the remarkable ability, rare in my experience, of being able to intuit where each student is in their yoga journey and to meet them there. This results in a teaching style that is challenging without being pushy or coercive and seriously instructive without being pedantic. Nancy has a deep understanding of inner as well as outer alignment and she explains often difficult concepts in ways that are both clear and memorable. Compassionate, patient, and nurturing, Nancy is deeply respectful and appreciative of each student’s efforts and abilities.
— J. Devlin 

Nancy really understands the physical interplay between yoga practice and one’s body. This is not “New Age” nonsense but rather a solid knowledge about the connection between different poses and their relationship to our bodies. She consistently addresses the differences we exhibit one from another, and within ourselves from day to day, and encourages us to respect these differences and to not subscribe to any models of what is “right” or “wrong.” This allows us to comfortably acknowledge who we are at any given time and, equally important, this allows people of different and various levels of practice to feel comfortable and non-judgmental sharing the same class.
— P. & S. Resnikoff

Nancy is a wonderful gift to those of us lucky enough to study with her. Her long experience has equipped her with a profound knowledge of anatomy, as well as a very discerning eye for making minute corrections. There is always much individual attention no matter what the size of the class. Her class pace and choice of poses always works well for a variety of levels: we are all challenged and stretched but never beyond what is possible and safe. She makes us work! The shape of the class is always a good balance between the familiar and less familiar. She keeps a wonderful connection to each of us. Her humor, sensitivity and vital enthusiasm inspire and help create our progress. My yoga practice with Nancy has done wonders for my general flexibility which I’d hoped for, but I did not anticipate that I would also get stronger in arms, legs and torso. It’s been especially helpful for my lower back, relieving aches and building strength.
— J. Stewart

sitting bones
collar bones
ujjayi breath
stem of the diaphragm
thoracic spine
lumbar spine
hands to tail, feet to head
engage the core
pelvic wrap
pelvic floor
udiyana bhanda
mula bhanda
inner arches
outer arches

I’ve heard Nancy say these things again and again. In the beginning, they were just words and phrases; their meanings were found outside or, just possibly, on the surface. With Nancy’s repetition and singular attention to detail, the words started scratching the surface and then found their way inside. With practice, I’m getting to know the stem of my diaphragm. I can converse with my inner arches. I think I can distinguish udiyana from mula bhanda. Mind and body are mingling, integrating. Together we are finding the core. Come join us.
— J. Smith

I think Nancy is the best yoga teacher I have had in many years of yoga instruction. Her attention to detail and her explanation of the postures and their purpose make the classes interesting, enjoyable and instructive. Now whenever I am in a class with another teacher, I carry Nancy’s voice in my head and I am happy to listen to her patient, humor filled guidance.
— A. Gifford

I’m fortunate Nancy came into my life when  fibromyalgia was beginning to be more present in my body. I continued with yoga in an effort to combat pain and to gain strength . What I think sets Nancy apart as a yoga teacher is her ability to listen to your body with her eyes…

Nancy’s pays attention to every nuance and micro movement of every part of my body. She sees the slightest muscle movement and  corrects the posture to as perfect a posture as my body will allow, without injury, reminding me to breathe and work from my core. With intuitive yoga perception, she knows when to push you to the deeper posture or when to prescribe a restorative class just by watching you move to greet her. I believe yoga with Nancy has kept me moving and I appreciate her guidance and patience.
– M. Weber


to contact Nancy directly:

mobile: 845.304.2208