Kathy Delia – RYT 500

Millbrook Yoga photoKathy began practicing yoga over 15 years ago with Nancy Causey, E-RYT. After developing her own practice and experiencing all of the beautiful benefits of yoga, she wanted to share her experience with others.

Kathy is registered yoga teacher. She completed her training at Satya Yoga Center in Rhinebeck, NY under the guidance of Sondra Loring, E-RYT and Jessie Lee Montague, E-RYT.

She has been teaching in the Hudson Valley for the past 8 years. Her wish is that her students will tune into their bodies, their breath and learn to listen to their own inner guidance.

Gentle Yoga

Explore the benefits of this gentle, thoughtful practice as we move in and out postures slowly, listening to our bodies and our breath. Perfect for beginners or for those that just want to slow things down a bit.

Gentle yoga is a beautiful compliment to an active practice.

Testimonials for Kathy:

Kathy has been my primary yoga instructor.  Her classes never fail to challenge my body, open my heart and inspire my spirit.
—Paige M.

Yoga with Kathy is the highlight of my day, and I have pretty terrific days.
—Beth Q.

I have practiced with Kathy for about 4 years.  I love her classes and look forward to Monday mornings to start the week on a great note.
—Sharon I.

I’ve been a student of Kathy Delia’s for 6 months and can honestly say she is one of the best yoga instructors I’ve experienced. Her classes are very fluid  in direction and in the postures she methodically brings you through. Her encouraging attention to each student allows one to excel with confidence and take each posture at our own pace and intensity without judgement. I love her classes and feel yoga is a necessary part of my life and I’m thrilled Kathy is a part of it.
—Marlene W.

I have followed Kathy as my yoga instructor for many, many years.  Her warmth and attention are constant,  while her classes are ever changing. Kathy’s gentle restorative practice always leaves me grounded and grateful!

—Christine G.

to contact Kathy directly:

mobile: (845) 656-5607
email: RGDelia@aol.com