Dana Lucas

Millbrook Yoga photo

In 2007 Dana received her 200 hour teaching certification from Satya Yoga Center in Rhinebeck, NY.  Since then she has been teaching throughout the Hudson Valley in group as well as private settings.

Dana is grateful for her yoga practice and is so happy to share this passion with others.  In class, she strives to strike a balance between emphasizing  the importance of foundation and alignment while keeping a light hearted atmosphere. Her classes are infused with laughter and a sense of community where everyone is welcome and encouraged.  She enjoys working with beginners as well as more experienced students helping them  to grow in their personal practice. Off the mat, Dana is usually working in the garden or taking care of her happy chickens.


Testimonials for Dana:

My practice has advanced thanks to Dana.  She has an unique way of breaking down movements, flows, and poses with cues that my body understands and then reacts to appropriately.  She teaches us to slow down, ease into a pose and then relax and enjoy the experience.  She’s definitely on the top of my list of favorite teachers.  Her class always makes my day. Thanks, Dana! 
— Karen Volino

I’ve practiced with Dana for many years. She brings tremendous attention to detail, correct alignment adjustments, and a great variety of poses to her classes. Her preparation is outstanding. Dana guides each student, at every level, to challenge themselves in developing their yoga practice. She continually studies and nurtures her own practice to share that additional knowledge with her students. I wholeheartedly recommend her!
— Colleen Gibbs Howland

One of Dana’s unique strengths is helping each person on an individual basis yet in a class. She sets everyone up to succeed regardless of their level. We stay safe while improving with each class. The immeasurable benefit to me is increased balance and core strength which has vastly improved my (horse) riding and training. (And not to mention the class is a lot of fun because of Dana’s humor and wit!) Namaste!
—Lois Zarembo

Dana always encourages you to do your best…She can address the more advanced members of the class and less experienced practitioners in the same sentence.  With her assistance we have modified a number of standard yoga poses to accommodate for my injuries while still getting the desired results…Yoga takes time and progress is incremental but with her encouragement and guidance WE can see significant improvements.
–John DeMaggio

to contact Dana directly:

mobile: (845) 625-9351
email: danalucas1@optonline.net