Class Descriptions

Embody Yoga™ (M)

Approaches the study of consciousness through our bodies; and the study of our bodies through consciousness. Using the support of organs, glands, and energy we learn whole body support for strong, graceful, and injury free practice. All levels.

Therapeutic Yoga (G)

A combination of Restorative Yoga, in which the poses are entirely supported with blankets, bolsters, and blocks; and Yin Yoga, in which poses are held gently for longer periods of time, as well as some easy moving and pranayama (breath control)

Gentle Yoga (G)

Gentle Yoga combines gentle movements with breath. These classes are perfect for beginners as well as people with specific limitations and those recovering from injury. More experienced students who enjoy a slower paced class also enjoy Gentle Yoga.

Yoga – Level I (M)

Focusing on the fundamentals of Yoga practice, including pranayama (breath), and asana (postures) practice. Focusing on the primary poses from standing to inversions, with emphasis on the alignment as well as the benefit of each pose. Beginners are welcome.

Yoga – Mixed Levels (M/V)

For students who are comfortable in a Level I class, or beginners who are basically in good shape without active injuries. This can be a more vigorous workout, with variations given to meet the needs of individual abilities.

Svaroopa Yoga (G)

Svaroopa, a sanskrit term meaning “the bliss of your own being,” Yoga uses precise alignment, adjustment, and strongly supported poses to release chronic tensions in body and mind. Students learn to use their arms, legs, and abdominal muscles more efficiently while releasing the spine, starting with the tailbone.

Kripalu Yoga (G/M)

A gentle introduction to basic yoga poses and pranayama (breathing) practice, holistic wellness advice, stress management and relaxation techniques. Beginner to Intermediate levels.

Yolates (M)

A dynamic form of exercise combining Yoga movement and Pilates principles. The focus is on strengthening the core muscles to promote back strength through Pilates, while increasing flexibility through Yoga.

Kishi Karate (V)

Kishi Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art taught by Sensei Nobuyuki Kishi. We stress fundamental techniques and rigorous sparring. Our primary focus, however, is on spiritual growth through demanding physical activity. We offer a clean, helpful and friendly atmosphere to our students. Payment for Karate is made directly to teacher, Steve Peter.

Flexible Strength (M)

The focus of this exciting class will be strengthening upper body and core muscle groups by combining free weight training and yoga. The first half, weight training with Debra, will concentrate on upper body and core strengthening. The second half, yoga with Nancy, will continue core strengthening and stretching the muscles which have been most worked.

Zumba (V)

Zumba is a fast growing, dance based fitness craze which combines intermittent aerobic training, with easy to follow choreography, alternating fast and slow to create a head to toe workout. The music is Latin inspired with an international mix. People of all ages, dancers and non-dancers are welcome. You will need good workout shoes and water.