Charlessa Thatcher, LMSW

Millbrook Yoga photoCharlessa’s early years were heavily influenced by her vast dance training but then in the 1980’s she was introduced to yoga and fell immediately in love with it. Yoga has been integrated into her life ever since.

Charlessa began teaching yoga in 1993. She is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, certified Creative Kids Yoga teacher and Reiki Master Practitioner. She has extensive experience teaching yoga in various venues with differing populations. Her students have been preschoolers, children, teens and adults with varying needs. Charlessa has a diverse background in working with children and has seen how yoga benefits and transforms the lives of children on and off the yoga mat. As for the adult student, she places an emphasis on the pranayama and how good it feels to breath, let go and ride the waves of being in the moment!

Creative Kids Yoga™

Creative Kids Yoga is a wonderful blend of yoga and dance developed by Rosemary Clough’s extensive experience and training in the field.

Come share time and have fun with your little one in a welcoming group environment. We will explore yoga activities and creative movement that support body/brain development. The class will give parents/caregivers an opportunity to slow down and refresh both body and mind with these playful breathing, movement and relaxation techniques.

Recommended for ages 3-4 with a caregiver. Younger siblings welcome with supervision as space permits.

Teens Yoga

This class is based on the Creative Kids Yoga model which is a playful and innovative approach to exploring yoga. Teens will develop a healthy partnership with their body through yoga by learning fun postures to strengthen, stretch and tone muscles. Breathing techniques to calm, energize and balance the body as well as promote concentration. As my 15 year old daughter states “It is a great way for teens to relax and feel good, as they take time away from their full schedules”. We can all use a little down time to relieve tension, reduce stress and relax.

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu means being compassionate in Sanskrit. In this moderate yoga class we will focus on loving self-observation and developing a healthy partnership with our body through yoga.

Classes will begin with coming into the present moment by centering the body, mind and breath. After warming up with exercises that synchronize the breath with movement as a means of inducing concentration, we will explore and refine the form, details and alignment of each asana. The heart of each class will be holding the postures in the asana sequences while attuning to the sensations of the body with compassion and awareness. We will discover new movements, develop greater strength and range of movement. Stretch your body, relieve stress and tension, calm and focus your mind and integrate all parts of yourself so that you may reconnect with your core self. Each class will end with integration through relaxation /meditation.

to contact Charlessa directly:

mobile: (845) 849-2004