#3 – The Yoga Part

Thursday, February 25

We had our last class of the retreat this morning at 6:30. I lay on the floor for most of it, too hot and tired to do more sun salutations. It has been lovely that we had the support to take care of ourselves.

The yoga teachings, the classes, the talks, the discussions have been everything I wanted them to be. The asana practices have been focused on going into our layers, to take sensation to its root, deep, down through the layers of tissue, muscle, fascia, and resistance to space. We have explored through organs and glands, working with the natural spirals and patterns of the body. This is the essence of embodyogaâ„¢. I am thankful Patty is my teacher.

To be uncomfortable is occasionally necessary, if only to realize how fortunate we are to live the way we live, the conveniences, the ease of our daily lives compared to most of the world population. To be challenged is also good. Sometimes I rise to the challenge, and sometimes I do not.

As we leave Auroville for the drive through the mountains to Mysore, I have no idea what challenges lay ahead…..

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