#2 – I Crashed My Bike

I crashed my bike. Both knees, both elbows, both hands – all skinned, pants torn, red earth embedded in my watch crystal, my ego bruised. We all have these stories. Lorraine road her bike into a huge bramble bush and turned up with a bloody arm. Karen too, returns bloody, when a cow (females have horns too) butts her for no reason. Tony got hopelessly lost on the first day, returning hours late, missing his opportunity to sign up for the dome visit. He and I are the only two who will not see the inside of the famous Matrimandir.

Sunday was The Mother’s birthday. (If you don’t know who The Mother is, go to the Auroville website. It’s WAY to complicated to explain and fascinating enough to know). All of Auroville was invited to the 6:00 a.m. meditation at the Matrimandir. Tony, Mallory and I walk in the early morning darkness (I’m finished with bike riding). It’s a beautiful site, the long entry, columns of light lining the path leading into the giant amphitheater, where hundreds of people sit silently, candlelight flickering in the darkness, the massive gold dome commanding attention. As the sun begins to rise, a man’s voice breaks the silence, begins reading one of The Mother’s writings about her vision.


The Mother’s vision is of love, connection to the Devine; the mission, for a better way and world; the devotion of Aurovillians strong, powerful, determined. While I’m not attracted to or called to this particular vision, I respect it.

We took a swim in the Bay of Bengal today. We ate fresh caught fish at the beach and laid in the sun (some of us forgot we are close to the equator). Everyone was happy and it was glorious.






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