# 4 – Yercaud and Beyond

When we planned the drive from Auroville to Mysore, it seemed like a good idea to spend the night in Yercaud, a vacation destination in the mountains we would have to cross. As we started up the mountain – you’ve heard about driving in India, right? – cars, trucks, buses – large buses, motorcycles, monkeys, … [Read more…]

#3 – The Yoga Part

Thursday, February 25 We had our last class of the retreat this morning at 6:30. I lay on the floor for most of it, too hot and tired to do more sun salutations. It has been lovely that we had the support to take care of ourselves. The yoga teachings, the classes, the talks, the … [Read more…]

The Bhagavad Gita; getting acquainted to it’s rich content and history

Mark Oppenheimer introduces us to ¬† The Bhagavad Gita Saturday April 2nd from 4:00- 5:30 pm The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient philosophical text from India. It is part of the voluminous writings known as the Vedic literature. Its 700 poetic verses, written in Sanskrit, present readers with practical, logical, enlightening teachings on topics such … [Read more…]

#2 – I Crashed My Bike

I crashed my bike. Both knees, both elbows, both hands – all skinned, pants torn, red earth embedded in my watch crystal, my ego bruised. We all have these stories. Lorraine road her bike into a huge bramble bush and turned up with a bloody arm. Karen too, returns bloody, when a cow (females have … [Read more…]

# 1 – Rough Landing

Suffice it to say, 30 hour travel with less than 5 hours sleep, by arrival I’m nurturing chest cold, next day, I’m down – hard. Having, stupidly left my miracle cure (oregano oil) at home, it is two days of accepting the offerings of my fellow yoga students, from echinacea oil to NyQuil ( I … [Read more…]