Silent Retreat Days 2 & 3

Some days are more productive than others…

Friday night

It’s the third night and I would love to take a bath, but there are only showers – boo hoo. My mind is a bit dazed with the effort of thinking, silence, and quiet.

Saturday morning
Day #3

” I’m not saying you did it, I’m just blaming you” This I received as part of one of those emails everyone gets with funny or interesting sayings. I love this one. How many times have I blamed Dan because I misplace my keys, or because I’m late or because because because he’s handy and I don’t want to take responsibility.

At the recent heart opening workshop with Patty she said “don’t blame, ever, don’t blame”. We give up our own power or our own captaincy as David Whyte talks about in his book “Crossing the Unknown Sea”. David tells a dramatic story of an actual sea captain sleeping through a crisis and how the crew has to jump to the rescue. He draws an interesting parallel to our lives. I recommend this book to everyone.

Don’t blame. Patty says it is a childish (I believe she said infantile but I didn’t want to go that far back) reaction. Blaming attempts to relieve ourselves of responsibility. (well if Dan didn’t do something with the keys, the keys themselves must have jumped out of my bag and hid under the bed!). Don’t blame. I took the keys from their normal home and put them in a coat pocket for some reason…. oh.

I am looking at the most beautiful scene out the window of this wonderful old fashion library (all wood paneling). The trees are bare and there is dense fog over the tree tops – quiet, lovely.

Time to talk to my director…..



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